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Edinburgh Commemorative Weekend, 20-22 May 2005

Big thanks to the Scottish CRAG Committee and to all those who helped with both the Symposium and Memorial Service in Scotland on 20 and 22 May 2005 respectively. Both events attracted good attendance from politicians, academics, students and churches.

The Chair of the Symposium, Lead Councillor D Anderson, led the efforts of the whole weekend in his clear denunciation of denial, and the speakers at the symposium focused on the historical, personal and legal / political ramifications of the Armenian Genocide.

CRAG also welcomed Ambassador V Gabrielyan who made the concluding remarks and observations at the symposium.

The Memorial Service was presided over by Bishop N Hovhannisian, and assisted by Deacon A Terteryan. The ecumenical nature of the evening was marked by the co-presence of the Episcopal Bishop in Edinburgh, the Ecumenical Officer of the diocese of Edinburgh, the Archimandrite of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Coordinator of Churches Together for Edinburgh.

Many thanks also to the supporters from Scotland & Manchester!

The photos of the Symposium will be posted shortly, but here is the weblink for some of the photos from the Memorial Service:

The Memorial Service was held at Augustine United Church in Edinburgh on Sunday, 22 May 2005.

The photos for the symposium that was held at the European Room of the City Council in Edinburgh can be viewed here:

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