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Commemoration of the 91st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

'Ending Denial in the UK' - Maximise public awareness regarding the historical truth of the Armenian Genocide

To mark the 91 st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, CRAG in cooperation with Executive Committee of ACCC and Bishop Nathan Hovhannesian has organised the following four events. Valued members of British Armenian community are invited to maximise participation and support through participation of their immediate families and friends. CRAG has also placed particular emphasis on engaging other communities who either share our experiences in history or have played a significant role in relation to official recognition of the Armenian Genocide during the recent years. We are pleased to announce that on Friday April 21 st at Victoria Hall, Ealing Town Hall we will be joined by Assyrian , Greek Cypriots , Albanian and Polish representatives.

Friday 21 April - Commemorative Community Evening on Friday at 7:00 pm

Victoria Hall, Ealing Town Hall, Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5. The program includes talks by a number of prominent speakers, including Cllr Michael Elliott, Mayor of Ealing, and Stephen Pound MP, as well as representatives from other communities such as the Assyrians, alongside the presence of Albanian, Polish and Greek Cypriot dignitaries. The Polish Sejm recognised the Armenian Genocide in 2005.

Also speaking at the event are; Dr Hagop Bessos, Chair of CRAG Scotland, who will highlight the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the City Council in Edinburgh. This was a first in juridical terms in the UK, and a possible gateway for future breakthroughs. Tina Lambert, Advocacy Director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. There will also be cultural interludes by talented artists and groups, including Aghtamar and other surprises of the evening .

Saturday 22 April - 91st Anniversary Commemoration March at 11.00 am

From Marble Arch to Whitehall & The Cenotaph. The march will be led by the Armenian Church, ACCC & CRAG and there will be prayers at the Cenotaph, the placement of a wreath, as well as the handing of a letter to the Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing St by ACCC & CRAG representatives.

Sunday 23 April - Divine Liturgy ( Hokehankisd) at 11:00 am

Led by HG Bishop Nathan Hovhannesian at St Yeghiche Armenian Church, Cranley Gardens, London SW7

Monday 24 April - Short Memorial Service & Laying of Wreaths at 7:00 pm

At St Sarkis Church, Iverna Gardens, London W8.


Archive of Events held for the 90th Anniversary in 2005 can be found here

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