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Mr Rudy Brueggerman - 23 May 2003

On 23 May 2003, the Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) interviewed Mr Rudy Brueggermann from Seattle, USA, on his journey through Turkey in October 2001.

The story that Rudy narrates about his experiences in Turkey is compelling, informative and human. It includes fascinating images from that journey, and is the third and final chapter in his three-part series focusing on the genocidal acts that happened in the 20th century - the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide.

CRAG has been given permission by Rudy Brueggermann to post this web-link on its website. We encourage our readers to log onto the web-page by clicking here on

Rudy has now decided to stop focusing on this sort of documentaries. He explains, 'In November 2001, soon after my trip to Turkey photographing Armenian genocide and cultural sites, I visited the Netherlands. I travelled to Camp Westerbork, the main deportation centre for Jews in occupied Netherlands in World War II. The camp was the staging ground for the deportation of mostly Jewish civilians to death camps in Poland and other concentration camps in Nazi Europe. I suffered a strange and painful relapse of malaria at the camp [he had suffered form malaria when covering the Rwandan genocide], and had to visit a hospital that night for care. This was not a coincidence, as I recently realised. The physical and psychic journeys had taken their toll, and it was clear I needed to put this project behind me.'

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