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Armenian Sorrows & Armenian Hopes! - 2012-1915 = 97 - Dr Harry Hagopian - 24 April 2012

Our Lives Commemorate Their Deaths! - The Armenian Genocide - Dr Harry Hagopian - 24 April 2010

Genocide - The Armenian Chapter - Dr Harry Hagopian - 12 March 2010

Turkey will never be allowed to forget the events of 1915 - Dr Charles Tannock, MEP, Letter to the The Times - 1 November 2007

Dr Charles Tannock, MEP, responds to the article Danger Signs: Turkey, a friend and ally, is becoming perilously estranged from the West in The Times - 22/10/2007 - October 2007

Turkey & the Armenian Genocide - Contemporary Reflections - by Dr Harry Hagopian, 23 April 2007

Would Dovers Still Flutter in Turkey Today - The Murder of Hrant Dink - by Dr Harry Hagopian, 30 January 2007

Turkey Cannot Bully History - The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada May 22 2006

What! Ten points for Armenia? - Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey, May 22 2006

You're talking nonsense, Mr Ambassador - by Robert Fisk in the Independent, May 20 2006

Cascading toward the 91 st Anniversary? - by Dr Harry Hagopian

The Century of the Holocaust - by Peter Kirsch - on the weblink of The Peoples Voice

Shadows of a Forgotten Genocide - Ignored... Denied... Repeated - by Eric Sirakian

Between Unreality & Change? The Trial of Orhan Pamuk - by Dr Harry Hagopian

A Test Case for the EU? The Trial of Orhan Pamuk - by Dr Harry Hagopian

Audere est Facere: EU-Turkey & the Armenian Genocide - by Dr Harry Hagopian

Lessons of Genocide 1915, 1994 & 2004 - by Dr Harry Hagopian

Opening remarks by Lord Avebury on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Commemorative Concert held at LSO St Lukes - 14 May 2005

Ten Years Shy of a Century! - The Armenian Genocide 1915 - by Dr Harry Hagopian - Ecumenical, Legal & Political Consultant - Armenian Apostolic Church - London

Human Rights - International Law and the Armenian Genocide - Yerevan, 20 April 2005 - Paper by Alfred de Zayas, JD, PhD

Left to History by Michael Joseph - Transcript of Recent Speech at Event for Holocaust Memorial Day delivered on 26 January 2005 at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff

Transcript of the Recent Commemoration Event speech:Europe, Turkey and the Armenian Genocide by Dr. Tessa Hoffman - London 20 January 2005

A Conversation with Historian Taner Akçam on Armenian Genocide & Turkish Statement

Turkey - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Dr. Harry Hagopian - 16 November 2004

Dreaming West and Moving East - The European Union and Turkey by Dr. Harry Hagopian - 31 August 2004

New York Times changes policy on Armenian Genocide report from the International Association of Genocide Scholars

The Burning Tigris - Book Launch of 31 March 2004 - Review by TLS and Critical Responses to this Review

MRG Briefing: Genocide and Minorities - Preventing the Preventable published April 2004

History's Skeletons Must Be Put To Rest An article by Tamar Haytayan Armen

Great Britain's Denial of the Genocide against the Armenians

Statements by Concerned Scholars and Writers regarding the Armenian Genocide

'Politics of Denial' Article by Jamal Dakwar in Al-Ahram Weekly

A Century of Genocide: Reflections on the Armenian Experience by Kh I Philkian

Mr Rudy Bryeggermann and his journey through Turkey

The Horrors of Genocide: Interview with Atom Egoyan on 'Ararat' by Matthew Arnoldi

The Armenian Genocide 1915: Past Horrors, Contemporary Realities' by Anoushka Marashlian

Who Speaks for Me? by Dr Harry Hagopian, Executive Consultant, CRAG

Dr Vahakn Dadrian's Manuscript on Children of the Armenian Genocide

From the Armenian Genocide to the Jewish Holocaust? An Obiter Dictum by Dr Harry Hagopian

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