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Sample of Letters to the Editor - TIME Magazine (Europe) - June 2005


The Editor, Time Warner Publishing B.V., P.O. Box 20500, 1001 NM Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 7 June 2005

Sir: I was appalled to discover the DVD about Turkey that accompanied the ad for Turkey in your June 6 issue.   The "Sari Gelin" about Armenia is exactly the opposite of "The True Story" it pretends to be.   It is a tissue of lies, nationalist propaganda from start to finish.   Inside Turkey the truth about the Armenian genocide of 1915-16 is denied systematically at every level of public life, in the most massive deception of any I know of outside of the Stalinist cover-up of the State-organized Ukrainian famine of the 30s.  

But anyone outside of Turkey has access to scores of eyewitness memoirs and thoroughly researched works by scholars from all over the world, non-Armenian and Armenian both, which examine the terrible events of those years from every possible angle.   There is absolutely no doubt about the historicity of the Armenian genocide.   The Turkish government's negationism, and its ludicrous accusations against the Armenians, are nothing less than a perpetuation of that genocidal enterprise, as anyone who has done the slightest investigation of the issue knows.  

Yet Time Magazine allows this negationist DVD to be attached to its publication and sent out to all its subscribers!   This is scandalous!   Where is your integrity?   Why did you not take the trouble to study this matter before bowing to Turkish pressure to carry this propaganda?   I consider this utterly irresponsible on your part, and am herewith cancelling my subscription, which I have had for years and which I just renewed.   You owe an apology to the Armenian people, and I urge you to have the courage to make it, and not to cave in to the inevitable Turkish threats and bluster. As a news magazine, your first duty is to tell the truth to the public as far as you can ascertain it and to take a stand against falsehood, whatever its source.   In this case, you have done exactly the opposite.

Yours - George Hobson

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