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CRAG E-Alert - 28 January 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:

** London Mayor Ken Livingstone on the Armenian Genocide **

Yesterday, as part of the weekly BBC1 television programme 'Question Time' (10:35 pm-11:35 pm), David Dimbleby as Chair of the programme invited a studio audience in Croydon to put their questions to a panel that also comprised the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

During a discussion of the Jewish Holocaust, Mayor Ken Livingston addressed the issue of the importance of history and declared how Hitler, embarking upon the Holocaust, had stated, "Who now remembers the Armenians". The Mayor also added that Armenians were victims of the 20th Century's first genocide.

CRAG will make the necessary contacts, but for those who watched the programme, you can also respond to the Audience question of the programme: 'What are the lessons for us when we remember Auschwitz?' by writing to the BBC. Simply log on the BBC web-link and take it from there:

** HMD Joint Event in Wales **

A Holocaust Memorial Day event entitled 'A Commemoration of the Jewish and Armenian Holocausts' took place at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff, Wales, on the evening of Wednesday, 26 January 2005.

The event consisted of an introduction by Professor Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok and was followed by invocations from Welsh Christian and cultural representatives.

The main talk by the journalist, researcher and playwright Mike Joseph focused on the theme 'Left to History'. There were also observations by political party representatives in Wales as well as musical interludes from Cor Aelwyd Hamdden Caerdydd.

The Armenian contribution, sponsored by CRAG, included Hymns from the Armenian Church by Deacon Ararat Terteryan accompanied by Deacon Arthur Bobikyan, a Prayer by Revd Father Shnork Baghdassarian and a poetry reading by Zara Poghosyan.

The 90-minute event ended with a general Reflection by Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister, Welsh Assembly Government and a Concluding Address by Dr Harry Hagopian, CRAG Consultant.

CRAG thanks Wales-Armenia Solidarity for its proactive assistance, coordination and facilitation as well as all participants and organisers.

Details will also be posted soon on the ACCC and CRAG websites at: or

** Press Releases by European Armenian Federation **

If you wish to read more on the following two themes:

COUNCIL OF EUROPE DEFAMES AMENIA AND OFFENDS ARMENIANS The Parliamentary Assembly of the Strasburg-based organization (PACE) is to adopt two resolutions, one questioning Artsakh independence, the other excluding the Armenian Genocide from the European remembrance.


Following pressure from Turkey, the local government of the State of Potsdam (Germany) has ordered the elimination of any mention of the Armenian Genocide in the various teaching manuals prepared by the Ministry of Education for teachers.

To read more, you can contact / log on as follows:

Avenue de la Renaissance 10, B - 1000 BRUXELLES
Tel: +32 (0) 2 732 70 26, Tel./Fax: +32 (0) 2 732 70 27
E-mail: Web:

** London Armenian Film Festival, 11-17 February 2005, at Ciné lumiere **

The first season of Armenian cinema in the UK for 25 years offers an eye-opening glimpse into a culture too little known here. Armenia is the oldest Christian nation and no stranger to hardship and tragedy; indeed, it now faces significant new challenges following the collapse of the Soviet Union. But its creative legacy remains one of immense richness and relevance.

Showcasing shorts, features, documentaries and artists' film, the season features established directors like Atom Egoyan and undisputed classics like Paradjanov's The Colour of Pomegranates but also uncovers lost gems and overlooked directors of great significance. Panel discussions will place the films in the context of both Armenian experience and contemporary film, providing a unique chance to encounter one of world cinema's hidden national treasures. For more information, log on

** CRAG 90th Anniversary Programme **

The CRAG 'List of Activities' for the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will be published soon on this d-Base system, as well as the CRAG and ACCC websites. Keep an eye for those events, and we look for your support.


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