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CRAG E-Alert - 31 January 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:

** Write to Mayor Ken Livingstone **

We refer to our d-base message dated 28 January 2005 regarding the mention of the Armenian Genocide by Mayor Ken Livingstone (London) on BBC1 Question Time on 27 January 2005. The mayor referred to the Armenian Genocide as the first genocide of the 20th century, and quoted Hitler's quotation 'Who now remembers the Armenians?'.

CRAG urges that all Armenians of the UK (and particularly those from London, seat of the Greater London Council) to send the Mayor an e-mail message or letter of support for his ethical stance.

The message - short and to the point - would offer the Mayor thanks 'from a descendent of an Armenian Genocide survivor" as a show of support to him - a politician who spoke out on public television - and to the historical truth that is still denied by the British Government.

The format of any message or letter is entirely yours, but remember that the shorter the letter, the greater the chance he would read it.

The electronic, physical and phone addresses for the Mayor are as follows:

By email:

In writing:
Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London
Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA

By Telephone: 020 7983 4100 & leave a message with the Public Liaison Unit

** Write to First Minister & Presiding Officer in Wales **

Reference the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event in Cardiff on 26 January 2005 in the presence of First Minister Rhodri Morgan AM, and the Press Release by Wales-Armenia Solidarity (both covered in our d-Base of 28 January 2005).

CRAG urges all Armenians in the UK (including those living in Wales) to send messages of support to the First Minister commending the lead that Wales and its National Assembly have taken toward the Armenian Genocide and calling for the full and formal recognition by the National Assembly for Wales of the Armenian Genocide - especially since Holocaust Memorial Day 2006 (27 January 2006) will take place in Cardiff.

Send your messages both to the First Minister on

and to the Presiding Officer of the Welsh National Assembly on

** Excerpt from BBC Radio 4 **

Sunday Worship - BBC Radio 4 - Sunday 23rd January 2005 - Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre, Laxton, Nottinghamshire

During this service that focused mainly on the Jewish Holocaust, there was a reference to the Armenian Genocide, as shown in the excerpt hereunder:

Even so, sixty years after that terrible event, it is now possible to offer a few tentative reflections on what happened and to suggest some lessons that might be learnt from it. And the first observation is how forlorn that motto about the Holocaust - 'Never again!' now sounds. Because we know that genocide does occur, again and again. Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda are just three examples since the end of the Second World War. 'Ethnic cleansing' is a phrase that has entered the vocabulary. Some of may know that recently there was a vigorous, and at times distasteful, correspondence in a literary magazine about whether or not the Armenians were victims of Turkish genocide in 1917. It is worth recalling that Hitler, about to initiate his extermination policy of the Jews, asked scornfully 'Who remembers the Armenians?' The fact is we forget far too easily.

You can get the full transcript of the event by sending CRAG an e-request, or simply by logging on the following weblink:

** Der Spiegel German magazine **

On page 42 of today's edition (31 January 2005) of the German Der Speigel magazine, there is an educational issue that focuses also on the Armenian Genocide.

Although this story has not been translated into English on the Der Spiegel online site (, German readers can perhaps still check it in the magazine that is available in bookstores.


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