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CRAG E-Alert - 9 February 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:

* Special 90th Anniversary Commemorative Event - Lecture by Professor Richard Hovannisian in London *

The 90th Anniversary Committee of The Armenian Genocide in the UK, in collaboration with Hamazkayin, the Armenian Cultural and Educational Society, are pleased to invite you to a lecture by:


SUNDAY, 27 FEBRUARY 2005, at 5.00 PM

NAVASARTIAN CENTRE, 223 Northfields Avenue, London W13

The Centre is near Northfields Tube Station: turn right at station, and you need to walk for one minute only.

The title of the lecture is also the same title of Dr Hovannisian's recently published book, Looking Backward, Moving Forward.

For a fuller background on this eminent Armenian American personality, log on the crag website. An excerpt from the CRAG leaflet reads:

"No one can put the past and the present into perspective like Dr Richard Hovannisian. He can certainly lecture and write for an academic audience, but his true gift is his ability to lay things out clearly for the rest of us.

He has two essays in the book Looking Backward, Moving Forward. In one, entitled "The Last Generation of Ottoman Armenians," he summarises the more than 800 oral histories of that generation on file at UCLA. He notes that less than 5% of those interviewed are still living.

The volume also includes an essay from a Turkish scholar, a first in any of his books."

The lecture will be followed by a complimentary reception, and all friends and supporters are invited to pencil this date in their diaries.

for further details see the events section of the CRAG website


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