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CRAG E-Alert - 15 March 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters

*** EDM 642 on The Armenian Genocide ***

On 2 February 2005, Mr Robert N Wareing, Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby, sponsored Early Day Motion (EDM) 642 entitled 'RECOGNITION OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, 1915'.

Along with Robert Wareing as the primary sponsor, this EDM 642 has garnered to date 44 signatures.

The text of the EDM 642 reads as follows:


That this House considers that the time is ripe to acknowledge as an act of genocide the mass murder of Armenians carried out in the Ottoman Empire in 1915; urges the Government to enhance its international reputation by joining other countries, including those in the European Union, who have recognised this act of genocide; and calls on the Turkish Government to acknowledge the actions of its predecessors."

For the past few weeks, CRAG has been lobbying MP's directly to append their signatures to this EDM. Although the document is of persuasive value only in that it does not commit the Government to act upon it, this Motion still carries moral weight - particularly on the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide this year, as well as on the eve of a General Election in the UK.

CRAG will continue its lobbying efforts. But you are encouraged to call / write to your MP directly and encourage her / him to sign EDM 642.

A proposed text for your letter addressing YOUR MP at the House of Commons that takes into consideration the three segments of the EDM in question could be as follows:

"I come to you today in order to draw your attention to EDM 642 that was sponsored by Mr Robert Wareing, MP, on 2 February 2005.

As your constituent, I would appreciate your signature to this EDM. This is more so since 2005 is the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and the British Armenian community are commemorating the genocide of well over 1 million Armenians who were exterminated by Ottoman Turkey during WWI.

Many other countries, including those of the EU, have already recognised this genocide, and I strongly feel it is the moral duty of Parliament, and of my own MP, to do so - not least when Turkey is hoping for accession to the EU whilst refusing to recognise this genocide."

If you are unaware of your MP, write to CRAG and tell us your borough / constituency and we will send you her / his name by return e-mail. Your letters, bearing the name of your MP, should be addressed to:

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

For your information, the following MP's have already signed EDM 642:

Mr Robert N Wareing (primary sponsor) - Mr Harry Barnes - Mr Roy Beggs - Mr Harold Best - David Burnside - Mrs Patsy Calton - Mrs Anne Campbell - Mr Martin Caton - Jeremy Corbyn - Mrs Ann Cryer - Mr Andrew Dismore - Mr Jeffrey M. Donaldson - Mr David Drew - Julia Drown - Mr Bill Etherington - Dr Hywel Francis - Andrew George - Jane Griffiths - Mr Mike Hancock - Mr Stephen Hepburn - Paul Holmes - Mr Brian Jenkins - Mr Nigel Jones - Mr Paul Keetch - Mr Mark Lazarowicz - Mr David Lepper - Rob Marris - John McDonnell - Mr Kevin McNamara - Mr Alan Meale - Albert Owen - Mr Stephen Pound - Adam Price - Mrs Iris Robinson - Bob Russell - Alan Simpson - The Reverend Martin Smyth - Bob Spink - Mr Graham Stringer - David Taylor - Dr Jenny Tonge - Dr Rudi Vis - Hywel Williams - Mr Roger Williams


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