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CRAG E-Alert - 21 March 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:

*** 90th Anniversary Commemorative Events ***

The 90th Anniversary Committee released last weekend the general list of commemorative events for 2005.

You can read the highlights of this list, with the events that have been slotted to date, by logging directly on the CRAG website here

The 90th Committee will provide further details, concrete briefings and practical input on those, and other events, in the next few weeks.

*** Talk by HRANT DINK ***

Hrant Dink is Managing Editor of Agos, the Armenian Turkish language weekly, in Istanbul. He is also international spokesman for human rights & Armenian affairs in Turkish media.

Co-sponsored by the Armenian Institute and the AGBU (London), Hrant Dink will speak about the past and present Armenian communities of Istanbul, contextualise his experience as Editor / proprietor of his Armenian newspaper, improved relations with Turkish media, questions relating to the accession of Turkey to EU and future plans.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005 at 7:30 pm - Lecture Hall, Kensington Central Library, 12 Phillimore Walk, London W8 7RX

To buy your ticket, or for further information: contact

*** Candle-Lighting Websites ***

Log on those two websites, have a look and light a candle?

*** EDM 642 on The Armenian Genocide ***

On 2 February 2005, Mr Robert N Wareing, Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby, sponsored Early Day Motion (EDM) 642 entitled 'RECOGNITION OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, 1915'.

Along with Robert Wareing as the primary sponsor, this EDM 642 has garnered 45 signatures to date.

Are you lobbying your own MP? If you need any ideas, have a read of the CRAG d-base e-alert of 15 March 2005 or log on the ACCC and CRAG websites for a suggested draft text for your MP.


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