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CRAG E-Alert - 7 April 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:

*** EDM 642 ***

At the threshold of a General Election, and as Parliament was dissolved, EDM 642 on the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide has garnered 54 signatures.

The breakdown for party affiliations is as such:

Labour: 33 signatures
Liberal Democrats: 12 signatures
Conservative: 1 signature
Ulster Unionists: 3 signatures
Democratic Unionists: 2 signatures
Plaid Cymru: 2 signatures
Respect: 1

Here is the full list of names, in case you wish to check whether YOUR own MP signed the EDM, and perhaps even take it up with her / him, when they come knocking at your door and canvassing your vote(s):

1) Wareing/Robert N 2) Russell/Bob 3) Smyth/Martin 4) George/Andrew 5) Dismore/Andrew
6) Meale/Alan 7) Griffiths/Jane 8) Barnes/Harry 9) Hancock/Mike 10) McNamara/Kevin
11) Cryer/Ann 12) Francis/Hywel 13) Taylor/David 14) Holmes/Paul 15) Etherington/Bill
16) Lepper/David 17) Drew/David 18) Simpson/Alan 19) Price/Adam 20) Spink/Bob
21) Robinson/Iris 22) Corbyn/Jeremy 23) McDonnell/John 24) Stringer/Graham
25) Donaldson/Jeffrey 26) Burnside/David 27) Keetch/Paul 28) Caton/Martin
29) Best/Harold 30) Beggs/Roy 31) Jones/Nigel 32) Vis/Rudi 33) Owen/Albert
34) Lazarowicz/Mark 35) Calton/Patsy 36) Tonge/Jenny 37) Williams/Hywel 38) Williams/Roger
39) Pound/Stephen 40) Campbell/Anne 41) Jenkins/Brian 42) Hepburn/Stephen
43) Marris/Rob 44) Drown/Julia 45) Abbott/Diane 46) Jackson/Helen 47) Foster/Don
48) Galloway/George 49) Cable/Vincent 50) Havard/Dai 51) Flynn/Paul 52) Williams/Betty
53) Morgan/Julie 54) Gill/Parmjit Singh

*** CRAG Website of Events ***

New updates have been made to the CRAG website today.

You will be able to get the latest highlights of commemorative events in England, Wales and Scotland, as well as backdated CRAG d-base e-alerts.

Find out about Keram, the Armenian traditional music ensemble who are performing in Cardiff on 23 April 2005. Or read the new
Statement from a historian about the Armenian Genocide. Or else check the April events (including 22, 23 and 24 April), download and sign the Petition, etc.

*** ARTE programme ***

The French TV channel ARTE has prepared a special programme on the Armenian Genocide to be aired at 7:45 British Summer Time (or 18:45 GMT) on Wednesday, 13 April 2005.

Anyone who has a Hotbird satellite (for Armenian channel) can watch this 52-minute programme or else record it.

*** Germany, Recognition & Aznavour ***

French Armenian singer Charles Aznavour called on Germany "to speak against the crime committed against humanity," as did France and Switzerland.

In an article published in the German newspaper Die Zeit, Azanvour said that Germany too was responsible for the Armenian Genocide, not as perpetrator but by not interfering.

The recognition of the Genocide by Germany would be a great step and would make other European countries to follow that example.


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