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CRAG E-Alert - 17 June 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:


In relation to the 18-month efforts deployed by CRAG for the Motion to recognise the Armenian Genocide at the Edinburgh City Council on 30 June 2005, we share with you today one paragraph only from an article that was published in The New Anatolian, Turkey, on 15 June 2005:

GB-Turk Dialogue Committee works to block resolution

In related news, the Britain-Turkey Dialogue Committee is preparing to block discussions of a Armenian resolution by the Edinburgh City Council on June 30. The committee will visit the mayor of Edinburgh to persuade him not to discuss the measure in the City Council.

Despite the recognition by increasing numbers of EU and world-wide Parliaments of the Armenian Genocide, the Turkish denial continues full-steam with huge political, financial and human resources. As Vartan Oskanian, Foreign Minister of Armenia, re-affirmed recently, denial in Turkey has taken deep roots.

CRAG will keep you updated of developments on this issue.


Following the Europe-wide reaction to the Turkish DVD included in the TIME magazine of 6th June 2005 that refuted the Armenian Genocide, many organisations sent Letters to the Editor of TIME - including one from CRAG (see d-base e-alert of 10 June 2005 + CRAG website at

Today, we reproduce herewith the Press Release from the European Armenian Federation in Brussels that focuses on a pan-European effort to this case.


Brussels, Belgium (17th June 2005)- The Armenian National Committee of France (CDCA-France), European Armenian Federation (EAFJD) and the Armenian National Committee (ANCA) launched a worldwide campaign this week protesting TIME-Europe's recent decision to disseminate a DVD advertisement which grossly mischaracterizes the Armenian Genocide. The advertisement, paid for by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, is valued at $1 million.

The DVD, with content available in seven languages, was packaged as part of TIME-Europe's June 6th issue, which included Turkey's denialist propaganda under pretense of tourism advertisement. The magazine was distributed to 485,000 households and businesses.

The European Armenian Federation, CDCA France and ANCA have urged people of good conscience around the world to send James Geary, Senior Editor at Time-Europe a free ANCA WebFax by visiting the EAFJD website: or going directly to the following link:

Earlier yesterday, the European Armenian Federation requested a meeting with TIME-Europe publishers to discuss the issue.

In the request letter, the European Armenian Federation noted that the dissemination of "this State propaganda is just as unacceptable as having relayed a pro-Nazi or pro-apartheid advertisement." The letter stressed, that "genocide denial has nothing to do with freedom of speech" but is a "harsh attack on human dignity."

The Federation stated that that this act calls to "question both TIME's credibility and the ethical principles which underlie its editorial line."


The German Parliament called yesterday for Turkey to re-examine Armenian killings. CRAG shares with you excerpts from an article that focuses on the developments at the German Parliament.

AP Worldstream; Jun 16, 2005

Germany's parliament on Thursday urged Turkey to examine its role in the killing of an estimated 1 million ethnic Armenians a century ago, an issue that could weigh on Ankara's hopes of joining the European Union.

Lawmakers adopted a cross-party resolution asking the Berlin government to press Turkey to investigate the "organized expulsion and destruction of the Armenians" and foster reconciliation.

"The motion is passed with votes from the whole house," parliamentary vice president Antje Vollmer announced after a show of hands in the lower house.

In its motion, the German parliament said it was "convinced an honest historical review is needed and represents the most important basis for reconciliation. This is particularly true in the framework of a European culture of remembrance which includes openly debating the dark side of each nation's history," it added.

The motion didn't mention Turkey's bid to join the EU, but said the Armenian issue was an example of how Turkey needs to guarantee freedom of speech _ an area where Ankara has been told it must improve if it is to join the 25-nation bloc.


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