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CRAG E-Alert - 6 July 2005

Dear Friends & Supporters:


CRAG informs its supporters and friends that the voting by the full Edinburgh City Council (58 Councillors, 3 major parties) on the Motion for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide has now been deferred until later in 2005.

The voting was meant to take place on 30 June 2005. Contacts are continuing on many different levels to confirm a fresh date, and it is hoped that this will happen in the next few months - and certainly before end-2005.

Perhaps those who would need to refresh their memories about this genocide, and its horrific history, would log on the CRAG website at The 35 weblinks ( provide a broad spectrum of approaches - including the powerful link at:


As we indicated in our d-base e-alert of 17 June 2005, CRAG sent a Letter to the Editor of the TIME magazine on 10th June responding to the Turkish DVD in its European edition of 6th June 2005 that refuted the Armenian Genocide.

Log on:

CRAG is now co-ordinating with the European Armenian Federation in Brussels on a pan-European response to this case. Contacts are ongoing already.

However, we reproduce herewith [in part] an Appeal with suggestions for practical steps from the California Courier (author: Harut Sassounian) that might interest our readers too:


The Armenian community should ask Time magazine to:
1) Publish an apology for disseminating this fraudulent DVD;
2) Issue a formal memo to all its divisions around the world not to accept this DVD as an insert (the Ankara Chamber of Commerce has announced its intention to place the same DVD in Time's Asian and Pacific editions);
3) Issue a written warning to all its advertising executives not to accept any more ads from Turkish entities that deny the Armenian Genocide (just as they would not run an ad that denies the Jewish Holocaust and glorifies Hitler; the New York Times recently rejected an ad from Turkish organizations denying the Armenian Genocide);
4) Destroy the extra 116,000 copies of this DVD that are still in Time's possession;
5) Agree to insert and disseminate free of charge a DVD prepared by a reputable research institute on the Armenian Genocide;
6) Donate the payment it received from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce for this ad to an Armenian charity.

Should Time reject the above demands, Armenians should then:
1) Cancel their subscriptions and ads; and urge their friends and business colleagues to do likewise;
2) File lawsuits in several European countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany) where genocide denial or making statements of racial hatred is against the law;
3) Issue a public appeal for funds to pay for the legal costs of these lawsuits. []"


Following the precedent set by the National Council in December 2003, the Canton of Vaude (Lausanne region of Switzerland) recognised the Armenian Genocide on 5 July 2005.

The statement of recognition, adopted by 86 votes against 35 with 25 abstentions, indicated that the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaude recognises the genocide in 1915 of the Armenian people and honours the memory of its victims.

An ever-increasing number of Parliaments and Councils world-wide are recognising the Armenian Genocide despite enormous pressures and lobbies. For a full list of recognitions, you can log on the CRAG website or its associated links.


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