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CRAG E-Alert - 13 December 2004

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FRIDAY, 17 DECEMBER 2004, AT 10:00 AM


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Large European gathering of the Armenians

The ARF Dachnakstoutioun (Armenian Socialist Party), the ADL Ramgavar (Armenian Democratic Liberal party) and the Armenian National Committee of France call for a demonstration on December 17th in Brussels, at 10:00 am, on the occasion of the European Council meeting.

The gathering is aimed at reminding that the Armenian genocide recognition is a prerequisite to the opening of the negotiations of Turkey's adhesion in the European Union.

Additional CRAG-based information:

It is the assessment of many people that there still remain issues - legal, political, and socio-economic - which have not been addressedby Turkey as it negotiates with the EU to get a date for the openingof negotiations on its possible eventual adhesion to the EU.

Further, the Armenian issues of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the lifting of the blockade against Armenia by Turkey have not yet been addressed either - let alone the issue of Cyprus that Turkey has not yet recognised despite its being an EU member.

As such, CRAG encourages all Armenians and non-Armenians alike to participate in this major demonstration in Brussels.

There is no central organisation / subscription method at this stage,but all those who can afford the time and cost of travelling to Brussels and joining in this multi-party gathering should do so. You can fly there, or take the Eurostar for a day return, and head for the park.

Scores of people from France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and other EU countries are expected on the day. Your participation - if possible - would add another voice to the ongoing discourse on the EU future.


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