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Pilgrimage to Armenia: From the 15 till 23 October 2004

On 15 October 2004, the first BibleLands pilgrimage leaves for Armenia.

As some people might recall, CRAG and BibleLands co-hosted a commemorative event in May 2003 for the 88th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The event included the launch of The Light Bearers, and another was the keynote speech by Revd Dr Paul Haidostian, Principal of Haigazian University.

Accompanying the trip will be Jean Hatton, author of The Light Bearers , the story of BibleLands and its long relationship with the Armenian people and the moving factual testimonies of many missionaries about the Armenian Genocide.

If you wish some more information about this pilgrimage, log on BibleLands' website at , Then, click 'About Us' and 'Pilgrimages'.
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