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Wales Commemorates the Jewish Holocaust & Armenian Genocide in Cardiff as part of Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday, 26 January 2005, at 7:00 pm.

CRAG participated in this event at the Temple of Peace: Read the Press Release by clicking on this link. Also, you can read the announcement on the weblink for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs at

Wales-Armenia Solidarity - Solidarite Pays de Galles-Armenie - Press Release
On the Eve of Holocaust Memorial Day,The Political, Cultural, and Religious Elite of Wales once more gather in Solidarity with the Armenian and Jewish victims of Turkish and Nazi Crimes against Humanity

At The Temple of Peace, Cardiff, capital of Wales, a nation emerging from 700 years of English misrule, on 26th January, representatives of all Religious denominations, the President of the National Cultural Festival and the leaders all political parties, including the First Minister of the National Assembly Rhodri Morgan gather to commemmorate the Armenian victims of genocide perpetrated by the Turkish State in 1894-96, 1909, and 1915-23 and the Jewish victims of the1939-45 Holocaust.

On this issue unanimity of opinion has been reached and this establishes a moral challenge to  the U.K. government's position of conniving to aid Turkey's accesion into the European Union without any  pre-condition of Recognition of its past crimes against the Armenian nation .

The main speaker was Mike Joseph, the authority on the close connection between the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust. Welsh and Armenian choirs will participate at this  occassion.
It was the Welshman David Lloyd George, who was Prime minister of Britain from 1916-22, who recognised Britain's guilt in the matter. He wrote in 1932 in "The Truth about Peace Treaties": " It was the actions of the British government that led to the massacres of 1894-96, 1909 and worst of all, the the Holocaust of 1915".

True to tradition today's British government continue to turn a blind eye to Turkey's genocidal policies towards Armenia.

Holocaust Memorial Day Joint Event in Wales - A Report from the event

The event started with an insightful introduction by Professor Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok and was followed by invocations from Welsh Christian and cultural representatives.

The major talk by the journalist, researcher and playwright Mike Joseph from Wales focused on the theme " Left to History " and underlined the reality of the Armenian Genocide and its inter-relationship with the Jewish Holocaust and with his own research over the past years.

There were then observations by different political party representatives in Wales as well as musical interludes from the 50-member Cor Aelwyd Hamdden Caerdydd.

Jenny Randerson, a senior figure in the Welsh Liberal Democrats and a former minister in the Assembly government conveyed that since speaking out on the Genocide issue in 2001, she was astonished at the sustained pressure to which she had been subjected by persons and groups who were intent on denying the Genocide. Ms. Randerson asserted with pride that she would not succomb to pressure.

The Armenian contribution, sponsored by CRAG, included Hymns from the Armenian Church sung by Deacon Ararat Terteryan, who was accompanied on the keyboard by Deacon Arthur Bobikyan.
A Prayer followed this for the victims of the Armenian Genocide, Jewish Holocaust and all crimes against humanity by Revd Father Shnork Baghdassarian, pastor of the Armenian community in London. Then, there was a reading by Zara Poghosyan from Wales of the English translation of the poem entitled "We are few, but we are Armenians" by the famous Armenian poet Paruyr Sevag .

The 90-minute HMD event ended with a Reflection by Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister, Welsh Assembly Government whose focus was the liberation of Auschwitz, and a Concluding Address by Dr Harry Hagopian, CRAG Executive Consultant, who placed the Armenian Genocide and Jewish Holocaust in the broader context of the brutalisation of society, education and issues relating to recognition versus non-recognition.

This event was organised by the Temple of Peace, Welsh Centre for International Affairs, and facilitated by Wales-Armenia Solidarity. We hope to post individual papers in due course.

MESSAGE TO UK ARMENIANS FROM CRAG: Write to First Minister & Presiding Officer in Wales

Reference the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event in Cardiff on 26 January 2005 in the presence of First Minister Rhodri Morgan AM, and the Press Release by Wales-Armenia Solidarity: CRAG urges all Armenians in the UK (including those living in Wales) to send messages of support to the First Minister commending the lead that Wales and its National Assembly have taken toward the Armenian Genocide and calling for the full and formal recognition by the National Assembly for Wales of the Armenian Genocide - especially since Holocaust Memorial Day 2006 (27 January 2006) will take place in Cardiff. Send your messages both to the First Minister by E-Mail to: and to the Presiding Officer of the Welsh National Assembly by E-Mail to:

A Transcript of the Speech at Event: Left to History by Micheal Joseph - delivered on 26 January 2005 is now available on the CRAG website

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