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Special 90th Anniversary Commemorative Event - Lecture by Professor Richard Hovannisian in London

The 90th Anniversary Committee of The Armenian Genocide in the UK, in collaboration with Hamazkayin, the Armenian Cultural and Educational Society, are pleased to invite you to a lecture by:

Armenian Cultural and Educational Society - Lecture by Prof. Richard Hovannisian

Nearest underground Northfields on Piccadilly line

On Sunday 27 February 2005, 5.00 PM, Navasartian Centre, 223 Northfields Avenue, London W13

The title of the lecture is also the title of Dr. Hovannisian's recently published book, Looking Backward, Moving Forward .

Dr. Hovannisian is a national treasure. He is brilliant, hard working, and prolific. He is the dean, the elder statesman, and one of the founding fathers of the field of Armenian Studies. While being a renowned professor of Armenian Studies at UCLA and writing the five definitive volumes on the 1918 Armenian Republic are notable lifetime achievements, Dr. Hovannisian is much more. He has dedicated his life to the Armenian Cause. He is a tireless worker, advocate, and lecturer on the trials and struggles of our nation from the final years of the Ottoman Empire until now.

In this lecture, Dr. Hovannisian reflects on his 40 years of studying, speaking , and advocating for justice for the Armenian Genocide. We are approaching the hundredth anniversary of the darkest point in our history , Dr. Hovannisian wonders if we could sustain the relevance on the international scene that we have remarkably nurtured since 1965, the 50 th Anniversary of the Genocide. He lays out a strategy for getting the Armenian Genocide into the curriculum of schools at all levels because our sad story is an archetype for every Genocide or ethnic cleansing that has followed. All the elements of organisation of the killing on the part of the perpetrators, the helplessness of the victims, and the lack of action of other nations are all in the Armenian Genocide. The parallels are there in Nazi Germany, Cambodia, and Rwanda. We need to look beyond ourselves if we hope to keep the 1915 Genocide relevant to non-Armenians moving forward.

No one can put the past and the present into perspective like Dr. Richard Hovannisian. He can certainly lecture and write for an academic audience, but his true gift is his ability to lay things out clearly for the rest of us. He has two essays in the book Looking Backward, Moving Forward . In one, entitled " The Last Generation of Ottoman Armenians ," he summarises the more than 800 oral histories of that generation on file at UCLA. He notes that less than 5 percent of those interviewed are still living. The volume also includes an essay from a Turkish scholar, a first in any of his books. Lecture will be followed by a complimentary reception

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