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$20-Million Insurance Payout - 25 April 2004

As part of the CRAG-sponsored commemorative events for Armenian Genocide 2004, Vartkes Yeghiayan, an Armenian American lawyer, delivered an educational lecture at the Nevart Gulbenkian Hall on Sunday, 25 April 2004.

Mr Yeghiayan's address described his legal struggle to get insurance companies to acknowledge and pay the descendants of the Armenian victims of the Genocide who had taken out life insurance policies during the turbulent period leading up to and beyond 1915. He outlined the breach of contract or tort claim that could become inherent grounds in such claims.

He focused on the $20-million settlement with New York Life Insurance, described the paper trail that led to those cases and the way in which the statute of limitations was extended in this instance until the year 2010.  He spelt out the modalities of settlement and stressed that the outcome will only become final on 30 July 2004 once the Judge has pronounced on this case.

Mr Yeghiayan and elaborated on other class-action lawsuits pending in the Federal Courts in California - such as those of AXA in France and Gresham in the UK.

During his address, he shared also with CRAG the list of the 2300 policyholders who had a life insurance policy with New York Life. Is it possible that your family is listed in there, and you might perhaps qualify for a payment?

For direct weblink to this list, just click on: then click on 'List of Policies' to open .pdf file.  Why not check just in case your family is there or you might recognize someone?

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