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Armenian Genocide and Cyprus Invasion Outlawed in Turkey - 30 September 2004

The New Turkish Penal Code to Criminalize Recognition of Armenian Genocide and Cyprus Invasion

Thursday September 30 - from European Armenian Federation BRUSSELS - Following recent attempts to criminalize adultery in the country, the Turkish government bowed to European Union demands last Sunday and passed the country's penal code, without the law on adultery; it did, however, manage to place several articles in its provisional penal code that threaten freedom of speech. For example, Article 306 of the new Code would punish up to 15 years individual Turkish citizens or groups "Acting against the fundamental national interests for directly or indirectly receiving benefits from foreign persons or institutions."
According to the Explanatory Note of this article, written by the Parliamentary Committee of Justice, a citizen who demands the withdrawal of Turkish soldiers from Cyprus or declares that the Armenian genocide actually took place during the First World War, can be pursued by virtue of this article.

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