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Montreal, July 6, 2005   -   The Congress of Canadian Armenians today announced that The Gazette, Montreal's leading English language daily newspaper, has issued a policy statement to their editorial staff recognizing the Armenian genocide, and providing editorial guidelines. This recognition is in line with recent policy statements issued by leading North American daily newspapers such as the Boston Globe and New York Times. The text of the statement, signed by The Gazette's Editor-in-Chief, includes the following:

" It seems clear from the historical record that what took place in Turkey around 1915 amounted to a genocide, as defined in the 1948 UN convention on genocide: killing or harming people "with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group". As a result, reporters and editors are free to use the word genocide, without quotation marks, in relation to the Armenian tragedy and should avoid using qualifiers such as "alleged," "disputed" or "what Armenians call". We may report Turkish denials of such a claim when they are relevant, but we should not feel obliged to include such denials with every reference to the Armenian genocide."

"We were encouraged by the sincerity of The Gazette's senior management when we met with them in June", said Taro Alepian, President of the Congress of Canadian Armenians. "They now join the growing number of respected newspapers across North America who accept that the events which took place in Turkey around 1915, which resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians, was in fact genocide as defined by the United Nations. Armenians across Canada extend their thanks to the editorial staff of The Gazette for ensuring that editorial content will henceforth reflect historical fact. We hope that other Canadian newspapers will adopt similar policies on the Armenian genocide."

The Congress of Canadian Armenians serves as a united voice to present Armenian issues to the Canadian public, carries out projects to preserve and strengthen Armenian life in a multicultural Canada, and provides a forum where its member organizations can coordinate their activities. It enjoys the auspices of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church Canadian Diocese, and its member organizations include many of the major Armenian organizations in Canada the largest of which are the local chapters of the international Armenian General Benevolent Union and the Tekeyan Cultural Association.

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