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Turkey and Armenia: If Turkey wants to belong to the West, it must not deny the Genocide of 1915 'Die Welt' newspaper, by Hannes Stein, 12 December 2002

... "The whole world (at least in Germany) is arguing whether Turkey will, or should, or must, become a member of the exclusive club of the European nations. Does the Republic of Turkey belong culturally to Europe or not? Doesn't Asia begin at the Bosphorus? What does `culturally' really mean? And just what is `Europe' anyway?" With introduction to article by Dr. Harry Hagopian ... (readhere)

Israeli Foreign Ministry Questions Veracity of Genocide, Says Proof Needed Asbarez Online, 19 Febuary 2002

... "Israel recognizes the tragedy of the Armenians and the plight of the Armenian people. Nevertheless, the events cannot be compared to genocide, and that does not in any way diminish the magnitude of the tragedy" ... (readhere) (take action) (more info)

British Government takes first step towards Armenian Genocide recognition Press release from CRAG regarding Holocaust Memorial Day, 28 Jan 2002

The British Government has signalled its willingness to address the issue of Armenian genocide recognition through its inclusion of the Armenian genocide in Britain's second Holocaust Memorial Day... (readhere) (more info)

Scotland Remembers Auschwitz The Herald (UK), 28 Jan 2002 by Annie McGuire

... " Alex Mosson, the Lord Provost of Glasgow, said: "Holocaust memorial day is a commemoration of the terrible loss of life, not only in the holocaust of the second world war, but in other twentieth century genocides in Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo" ... (readhere) (take action) (more info)

Genocide Film sparks diplomatic row and ban on young The Observer, 27 October 2002 by Tracy McVeigh

... "As well as shocking its viewers, the film pulls few political punches. Turkish diplomats in London, who deny the claim of genocide against Armenians - are considering an official protest over the film" ... (readhere)

Armenia - Genocide Denied Dateline (Australia's longest running International Affairs programme), 9 October 2002 by Matthew Carney

... "as more and more honest and sincere historians and public intellectuals of integrity keep speaking up, this dam will be breached, this dam of silence will be breached... this will be a fundamental dimension of internal democratisation of Turkish society" ... (readhere)

Today's Forgotten Holocausts: Observations on Memorials New Statesman, 16 October 2002 by Matthew Carney

... "We suddenly felt like someone who had been labouring on a memorial to the Armenians in 1939,' James Smith told the New Statesman. 'What were we doing building a museum when the gates of Hell were being opened?" ... (readhere)

Rosa Khaderian The Guardian, 11 September 2002 by Monica Wilson

... "For Roza was the last but one person in Britain to have survived the genocide of some 1m Armenians by the Turks in 1915. Both her parents had been murdered, and her own right hand was claw-like because it had been held in a fire by the soldiers" ... (readhere)

A Conflict conveniently forgotten and a Holocaust deliberately denied The Independent, 31 August 2002 by Robert Fisk

... Save for the Turkish government, a few American academics holding professorships funded by Turkey and the shameful denials of the Israeli government, there is today not a soul who doubts the nature or the extent of this genocide ... (readhere)

Rosa Khaderian - Survivor of the Armenian Genocide - The Independent, 24 August 2002 by Andrew Kevorkian

... On 24 April 1915, Turkey began the round-up of some 600 Armenian leaders as a prelude to the killing and forcible deportation of two million people from their 3,000-year-old homeland. Rosa, aged two, lost both her parents ... (readhere)

Ara Keshishian - Cobbler whose life spanned three centuries The San Francisco Chronicle, 16 August 2002 by Julian Guthrie

... He survived the execution of nearly 2 million Armenians by the Turks by fleeing to Syria. Along the escape route, his parents and brother died of heat exhaustion ... (readhere)

A Sorry State of Affairs: Why we need more IRA-style apologies The Mirror, 18 July 2002 by Jane Ridley and Dave Edwards

... The Turkish government refuses even to recognise the so-called Armenian Holocaust of 1915, when up to a million and a half Armenians were murdered ... (readhere)

Protesters remember First World War "Genocide" Associated Press, 27 April 2002 by Sherna Noah

... Campaigners, who assembled at Marble Arch, want to draw attention to the 87th anniversary of the First World War massacre in the Ottoman Empire, dubbed the first genocide of the 20th century ... (readhere)

London Marchers commemorate 1915 Armenian Genocide The Times of India, 29 April 2002

... Armenia commemorated its victims on Wednesday, with President Robert Kocharian demanding that the international community condemned the "crime against humanity". Turkey categorically rejects claims of genocide, saying that around 300,000 Armenians and thousands of Turks were killed in fighting ... (readhere)

Protesters commemorate Armenian deaths during the Ottoman Empire Voice of America, 27 April 2002

... Participants in Saturday's street protest say they want the Turkish and British governments to recognize that the killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1919 was genocide ... (readhere)

President Bush: 24th April Statement and ANCA and AAA White House, ANCA and AAA press Releases

... in his second April 24th statement as President, again broke his pledge to properly recognize the Armenian Genocide ... (readhere)

President Robert Kocharian's 24th April Statement Armenian Presidential Office, 24 April 2002

... The pursuit of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide is on Armenia’s foreign policy agenda and reflects the rightful demands and expectations of the Armenian people ... (readhere)

Dead but still in the Dock The Guardian, 13 April 2002 by Owen Bowcott

... Born in Antakya in 1946, Zarakolu studied sociology before entering publishing. Her interest in ethnic minorities set her on a collision course with Turkey's generals. An investigation into whether the 1915 Ottoman massacre of Armenians was a planned genocide earned her a suspended prison sentence ... (readhere)

The Inconvenient Image The Guardian, 13 April 2002 by Tom Dyckoff

... Suppressing photographs, distorting them or their context is the stuff of dictators, of Mao or Stalin or Ceausescu, airbrushing from memory the nconvenient and out of favour...This is why the Ottoman Empire didn't want us to see evidence of the Armenians massacred in 1915 ... (readhere)

Geek bares his gifts - Interview with Atom Egoyan The Times, 4 February 2002 by Alex O'Connell

... The main character is an 18-year-old boy who is working as a production assistant on the making of the historic feature about the Armenian genocide. He is transporting back some 35mm film in big cans from a foreign location when a customs officer asks him to open the cans. He can't because he'll expose the film ... (readhere)

Holocaust National Day Turkish Daily News, 31 January 2002 by Gunduz Atan (former TARC member)

... as indicated in the "Black Book" published in France, many grave genocides have been committed, starting with the Bolshevik revolution in the Soviet Union in the interwar period. The bad part of the story is that the 200-300,000 Armenian deaths, which we also recognized, might be called "genocide ... (readhere)

Armenia files complaint with Israel over comments on Genocide The Associated Press, Ha'aretz - English Edition, 17 Febuary 2002

... YEREVAN, Armenia - Armenia's Foreign Ministry has issued a note of protest to Israel over an Israeli envoy's remarks that the mass killings of Armenians in the early 20th century cannot be considered a genocide ... (readhere)

History Brochure sparks tension between Turkey and Sweden Agence France Press, 2 Febuary 2002

... Turkey's foreign ministry Saturday summoned Sweden's number two diplomat and formally protested at acontroversial Swedish brochure about Turkish history, distributed at a bilateral meeting in western Turkey. The brochure, published in Sweden with a preface by Prime Minister Goeran Persson, said ... (readhere)

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