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welcome to the CRAG website

Welcome to the Campaign for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide web-site, from here you can learn about the Armenian Genocide and the campaign for its recognition.

The Armenian Genocide has become the most successfully denied genocide in the world. The Turkish Government spends millions of dollars every year denying that it even took place. For the present Turkish Government, it is easier to deny what happened rather than accept the historical reality and political responsibility.

Britain, like the US, is one of a diminishing number of western governments that not only accept the Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide, but also promote it, as an undignified and morally devoid way of bolstering their bilateral relations with the Turkish Government. This Website and our campaign seek to put an end to this genocide denial.

about the campaign

CRAG (Campaign for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide) is a single-issue pressure group. Our central aim is to secure official British Government recognition of the Armenian W.W.I experience as genocide.

Apart from maintaining this web-site we also run a Press and Information office from where campaigns and education programs are run. It also provides information to media, government, and NGO institutions that want to find out more about the Armenian Genocide.

CRAG works towards changing the unethical policy of denial, which primarily emanates from the Turkish Government, whose predecessor, carried out the genocide. We work to change this policy not as a attack on the Turkish Government, but simply because if we allow any genocide to be denied, it makes it easier for others to take place in the future.

getting in contact

The Press and Information Office operates an open door policy - though it is strongly recommended to book an appointment, before coming over. The address is...

CRAG, PO Box 38683, London W13 8WP
Telephone: 020 8747 1465
Fax: 020 8994 7363
Email: or
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